Australian Pyrenees Wine Region

by admin on June 21, 2011

Australian Wine Review – Australian Pyrenees


Although these gentle hills share no similarity to their namesake mountain range in Europe, they do have 2 things that make up their “French Connection”. Along with the mandatory petanque game held at one of the many pistes, Pyrenees Shiraz has a highly regarded reputation in Europe as being comparable to the choice varieties offered in Rhone Valley.

Revered mainly for it’s exceptional red wines,  originally the French Remy Martin group had used the Pyrenees region to produce brandy. However, when the market for brandy fell apart they moved onto their specialty of sparkling wine. The very first vineyard that started it all is now known as the Blue Pyranees Estate. Since then they’ve also expanded, uniting other major vineyards such as the Redbank,  Taltarni,  Mount Avoca and Warrenmang along with a number of smaller vineyards

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